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Central Coast is situated in North-West Tasmania and comprises an area of 932 sq.km. The area lies at a latitude of 41 30' south and a longitude of 146 , and enjoys a maritime temperate climate. Central Coast spans from the Blythe River east to the settlement of Leith at Braddons Lookout Road, and extends back from the coastline of Bass Strait to the Black Bluff range in the south.

Of the 29 municipal areas in Tasmania, Central Coast is the seventh largest in population.

Central Coast's urban centre is the coastal town of Ulverstone. The second largest town of Penguin is located 13 km to its west.

The longest river in Central Coast is the Leven River (90km). The highest mountain is Black Bluff (1339m).

The economy is largely rural based, with most people in the workforce being employed in agriculture, manufacturing, community services and wholesale and retail trades.

Population Statistics (2006 census*):

Ulverstone 14271
Penguin 4040
Total Central Coast 20530

Our Icons:

  • Dial Range
  • Leven Canyon
  • Ulverstone Shrine of Remembrance
  • The Big Penguin
  • Ulverstone Potato Processing Plant - Simplot Australia
  • Sir Edward Braddon

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